The WeSpin Christmas calendar is full of stuff

You can search for a better calendar than this: there are THOUSANDS available until the end of the year!
How does the calendar work?

Our streamers are now doing their best and there are incredible sessions every day. Enjoy the excitement of both slot and live games in great company!

1.-5.12. there are huge add-ons and exciting Free WeSpin opportunities in the organized sessions.
6.-31.12. let’s jump into the whirlwind of the wildest and wildest net profit hunt tournament!

We name a “game provider of the day” every day, and by playing the games of that manufacturer, you can aim for the highest possible net profits. You must participate in the WeSpin Main Event to enter the

Net Win Chase. We publish the list of winners on Tuesdays.

So join the club and book your place right away – the most popular sessions fill up quickly!