Comeon FAQs for Source of Wealth

What Does the Source of Funds / Source of Wealth Stand For ?

The source of funds is relevant to establish the origin of the funds you use to play, meaning where the money deposited in your account came from. Source of Wealth gives a picture of your wealth (net worth) and how it was acquired for example inheritance or savings.

Why are they required?

ComeOn Group must comply with all licensing requirements, guidelines, and laws of the jurisdictions where it is licensed. In line with the regulation, our aim is to protect players’ accounts and the money they hold. If we ask you to upload documents, you’re not being singled out or suspected of anything – you’ve just triggered an automatic process.

SoW and SoF documentation are asked with the only purpose of complying with the law and gathering documentary evidence with regards to where the money and resources used on your gaming account come from.

Which documents are required?

  1. Source of Wealth Declaration Form:

In this document you are asked to indicate your job, company name and the funds you are using to deposit into your gaming account.

  1. Supporting documentation:

The document types depend on your preferred source of funding.

To help you out, a few examples have been compiled below.

  • Salary and Savings: If your deposits originate from your salary or from your savings we kindly ask you to supply us with a copy of your payslip.
  • Sales of assets: If your deposits originate from sales of assets such cars, jewellery, property, antiques, businesses etc. we kindly ask you to supply us with a copy of the sale agreement supported by a bank statement showing the proceeds of the sale being credited to your bank account.
  • Monthly Bank Statements: One to three months bank statements (or card statements / web wallet statements, depending on the deposit method used) to show the source of your deposits and as supplementary documentary evidence.

ComeOn Group ensures secure storage, high confidentiality and strictly limited access to any documentation sent, in accordance with the Data Protection Act and our Privacy Policy.

4) What Document Format is acceptable?

  • Documents must show the name of the player 
  • Documents must be in pdf format
  • No screenshots are allowed
  • No word/editable documents are allowed

5) What are the benefits for you?

By helping us with your account and transactions verification you enable us to ensure player safety and a secure gaming environment. By collaborating you will indeed allow us to:

  • Protect your account and the money you hold. 
  • Prevent the possibility of identity theft.
  • Keep the playing field fair against players funding their gameplay with illicit funds.
  • Ensure that you always enjoy our games within their own means.
  • Comply with regulators, while ensuring a great customer experience by maintaining a safe and fair gaming environment.

6) How do I send in my documents?

You can easily upload your documents via our third-party platform called Docusign, which offers a fast and reliable way for you to electronically sign requested documents. The link is provided via email. 

7) Need further help?

What to do if you still have further questions, you can contact our support team via chat or email.