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Why a lucky 15 is an awesome way to have a bet on the horses

Why a lucky 15 is an awesome way to have a bet on the horses


Always fancied having a go at betting on horse racing but are unsure where to start? You, my friend, have come to the right place! I have just the bet you’re looking for! With the spring racing almost upon us now is a great time to get into the sport of kings.  The Cheltenham Festival, the Aintree Grand National and Royal Ascot offer some top-quality racing action in the coming months to get stuck into, so I have for you today a great way to bet on the horses that will keep you in with a chance of winning all afternoon and make your money go further.

What is a Lucky 15?

The Lucky 15 comes from the world of high-street betting shops, where bets are written on slips of paper with tiny pens.   It’s a great way to bet, particularly if you’re new to horse racing as it gives you multiple chances to win.  It’s a multiple bet with 4 selections from 4 different races and 15 bets, broken down like this:

  • 4 singles
  • 6 doubles
  • 4 trebles
  • 1 four-fold

The total cost of your bet would be 15 times the stake, for example a £1 Lucky 15 will cost you £15. You can also place an each-way lucky 15 which is 30 bets – 15 bets to win plus another 15 bets to place.  Put simply: pick four runners, pick your stakes then win some money!

What makes a Lucky 15 so great?

It’s a just a great value bet! As there are four selections you have four chances to win and because there are 15 (or 30 if you went for an each-way lucky 15) total bets if you get two, three or even four winners the returns can really add up. Only one winner and you will probably lose a little bit, depending on the odds, but get two, three or four winners and you’ll have a nice juicy profit!

Lucky 15 tips and tricks

Here are a few tips to help you choose your runners

Don’t pick all short-price favourites – you want to win some money, right?  Horse racing is an unpredictable sport so betting on the favourite each time is not always the best strategy, there is probably more value to be found further down the card

But don’t pick too many long shots – again, you do want to win, right? one or two horses with bigger odds is a good way to drive up the potential winnings, if you find some good value, but don’t pick four no-hopers.

A good guideline is to go for one or two ‘bankers’ that you think have a good really chance of winning but the odds are smaller, one or two ‘maybes’ that you still think have a good chance but the odds are a bit bigger and one ‘long shot’ that you think has a small chance but really good odds.

So if you’re new to horse racing then give a lucky 15 a try, it’s a great way to bet on your Cheltenham, Grand National and Royal Ascot picks. Best of luck with your bets!


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