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Ranting and Raving: Three times football managers lost their cool

Ranting and Raving: Three times football managers lost their cool


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Such are the stresses of modern football these days, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise when outspoken managers such as Jose Mourinho find themselves losing their cool under pressure. The special one’s outburst at officials during Chelsea’s defeat to West Ham last month has dominated the headlines recently, which promptly got us reminiscing at ComeOn! HQ about all the other times the men in the footballing hot seats let their emotions get the better of them.

And whilst honourable mentions go to the likes of Ian Holloway and Neil Warnock and their colourful post-match press conferences as well as Phil Brown and his somewhat unorthodox half-time team talk locations, we’ve narrowed down our list to just three of our favourite football rants from down the years for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

John Sitton – ‘Bring ya dinner’

Although he didn’t know it at the time, Leyton Orient manager John Sitton’s foul-mouthed half time ‘team talk’ whilst being filmed for the 1994 documentary ‘Club for a fiver’ would spell the end for his short-lived managerial career.

The already under-pressure boss had just witnessed another dire first half performance from his Orient side and proceeded to pull no punches when telling his players how he felt. His rant during the game (infused with a cacophony of C and F bombs) was nothing short of astounding and produced memorable quotes such as:

‘bring ya’ dinner, cause you’ll need it by the time I’m finished with you’


‘You, you little ****. When I tell you to do something, do it.’

For those unfamiliar with the work of Sitton, his rant can be found here. And whilst it certainly makes for entertaining viewing, we must advise you, there might be the odd swear word in there or two.

Nigel Pearson – ‘You are an Ostrich’

Who can forget the day ex-Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson compared a news reporter to a flightless bird native to the African plains?

After seeing his Foxes side battle valiantly in their narrow home defeat to Chelsea in April of this year, the 52-year-old manager used his post-match press conference as an opportunity to baffle the entire Press Association with his assertions that the media had been heavily critical of his team and that one unlucky reporter in particular, had characteristics similar to that of an Ostrich.

But arguably the best thing about the entire facade was the David Brent parody video it spawned just the very next day. For those who still have no idea what we’re talking about, simply click the video link below and rejoice at its brilliance.

Kevin Keegan – ‘I’d love it…’

This last rant needs little to no explanation. With Newcastle United on the verge of a maiden Premier League title under the helm of Kevin Keegan, Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson decided to makes things interesting by instigating some of the classic mind games of which he would be so vividly remembered by throughout his entire managerial career.

So what happened?

In short, the Red Devils manager had asserted that teams simply tried harder against his side, hence the reason they were falling short of the Magpies in the title race that year. Keegan however, didn’t take kindly to these remarks and more or less lost the plot for all to see whilst being interviewed on Monday night football, stating the famous line ‘I’d love it if we beat them’ when discussing United’s upcoming away tie with Middlesbrough.


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