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Three Changes We’d Love To See After The FIFA Fallout

Three Changes We’d Love To See After The FIFA Fallout


FIFA are finally going down thanks to our soccer-loving US pals at the FBI and football will be better off because of it!

The wait for criminal proceedings to hit the organisation have been long overdue and it may now be the time to at last say bye-bye to Mr Blatter and his corrupt colleagues in Zurich!

But before Joey Barton (what else explains his timely release from QPR?) heads a new wave of footballing reform, here are three suggestions from us.

End diving

What better time to clamp down on foul play than when those in charge of the sport get caught for doing it themselves?

Ban half and half scarves

Accrington Stanley v Arsenal? That’s acceptable. Liverpool v Man United? Nope, get rid of them. One of those two great rivals wouldn’t be worn by any ‘real’ supporter. Double punishment for being daft enough to buy one before kick-off instead of getting it for less than half of what they paid just 2 hours later!

Give power back to the fans

Bullied by the authorities for far too long, it is time supporters received some preferable treatment. Alcohol within sight of the pitch? Good call! Safe standing? Even better! Cheaper ticket prices? Yes, yes, yes!

But it doesn’t stop there – big games should see a larger proportion of supporters present, like the FA Cup Final where only 30,000 tickets were available to fans of each club. Also, a small, but finite, number of seats should be available to those without season tickets or who haven’t been able to attend games and don’t deserve to miss out because of loyalty points.

Displays and flag waving should be accommodated for those who fancy it, ie at Selhurst Park in the corner. Boost atmospheres and add some colour to English football! And another thing, if a televised game won’t be a sell-out, move all the fans to the three stands visible on the cameras so they can show their support. No one wants to watch a game in front of an empty stadium. Make it happen!


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