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Man wins Jackpot whilst waiting for wife to bring him toilet roll

Man wins Jackpot whilst waiting for wife to bring him toilet roll


One fateful Sunday afternoon in the sleepy Town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, 37 year old Jack Bingley went to do his ‘business’ whilst enjoying a relaxing day in his family home. But little did he know that what occurred in the next five minutes would completely change his life forever.

“To be honest, I’d had a curry and a few pints with the lads from football the night before so it was inevitable, I’d be producing something in the toilet the wife wouldn’t be too proud of.” Jokes Bingley, an office manager in the construction industry.

But after doing his ‘business’, Jack made the fatal discovery which gives most people the sweats just thinking about…he’d run out of toilet paper. Disaster had struck and with his beloved wife hosting a small social gathering with her friends from work in the living room, Jack was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“I couldn’t just shout out, ‘Love can you bring me some loo roll please?’, Jane had only been her new job for two months so embarrassing her was the last thing I wanted to do.”

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“I tried calling her mobile phone which she didn’t answer and with literally no escape (as the bathroom backs straight onto the living room) all I could do is send her a text message and hope she picked it up, sooner rather than later.”

With some time to kill and a mobile phone at hand, Mr Bingley made the best decision he will ever make in his life…he started to play some slots.

“I fired up the Starburst slot which is a personal favourite of mine and with pay day having just been, I staked a little more than I’m used to which I’m so glad about it in hindsight.”

“I got off to a good start and was up a couple of grand in two minutes and by the time my wife had read my text message 5 minutes later, I had just copped £70,000!

“Her opening the door to me celebrating wildly on the toilet is an image I’m sure she’ll never forget.”

With Jack and his wife now £70,000 richer, the couple plan to use the money to invest in their own property business as well as a couple of extravagant holidays to the Bahamas and South East Asia.


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