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Three times Big Sam said exactly what he thought

Three times Big Sam said exactly what he thought


Sam Allardyce has never been afraid to speak his mind to the media, often giving some real gems when confronting journalists before and after games.

The West Ham gaffer has been in particularly good form recently, clearly enjoying the Hammers’ excellent 2014/15 season so far. We reckon if you gave Big Sam and Karl Pilkington their own show together it’d be comedy gold.

Here are three occasions when Big Sam had the press room in stitches.

West Ham 3-0 Hull, 2015

“All this tippy-tappy stuff is a load of b******s. Getting the ball into the opposition’s box as quickly as you can with quality, and getting it in behind them is definitely the best way forwards”

When Big Sam is at his best, his tirades are often laden with expletives, showing not only passion, but a real desire to negate a point he feels strongly about! Here, he’s referring to long-ball over passing styles – something we all know Big Sam prefers despite the criticism he receives. He made this very clear following West Ham’s recent 3-0 win over Hull, and proved to reporters that he can be outright even after a victory.

Indy interview, 2010

“I’m not suited to Bolton or Blackburn, I would be more suited to Inter or Real Madrid. It wouldn’t be a problem to me to go and manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time”

We all remember when Big Sam was the leading force behind the ‘Big Sam for England’ campaign, blowing his own trumpet on any occasion he could manage. Stints at Bolton and Blackburn were steady, and although his tenure at Newcastle was a shambles, Allardyce remained positive in his ability to manage at the very top. Suggesting he could win the league every season with the elite clubs – who we’re sure would be ecstatic with dropping their philosophies to play an uncompromising brand of hoofball – is surely too much for a man yet to win a major managerial honour. You can’t fault his self-belief though!

Chelsea 0-0 West Ham, 2014

“He can’t take it, he just can’t take it! I knew he would say that! He can tell me all he wants, I don’t give a s***. He can’t take that we’ve out-tacticked him”

Following Jose Mourinho’s stony presser after West Ham’s hard-fought 0-0 draw last season, Big Sam expected plenty of credit to be coming his way, especially as he was under pressure. Instead, Mourinho took a page from Arsene Wenger’s book of ‘How to be a Bad Loser’ and used every excuse in the book as to why his Chelsea side hadn’t won. He said it would take a Black & Decker to destroy the Hammers’ wall, and Big Sam took the utmost pleasure in Mourinho’s disdain. West Ham were undoubtedly lucky that Chelsea’s dominance didn’t pay off, but their tactics did work and Big Sam did have to take much of the credit for his side’s resilience. Mourinho’s comments didn’t mention West Ham getting the better of them, but his attitude and annoyance said it louder than any words he could have – much to Big Sam’s delight!

Bonus – Big Sam’s best Vine!

How could we not include this one? All he has to do is laugh and he’s a viral superstar!


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