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Welcome to 50/50, a fun predictions competition where you can win up to €2500 every week!

Your predictions are saved, you can edit your prediction until the deadline.

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    2017-05-13 - Premier League - Finished >

    2017-05-06 - Premier League - Finished >

    2017-04-22 - Premier League - Finished >

    2017-04-08 - Premier League - Finished >

    2017-04-01 - Premier League - Finished >

    2017-03-18 - Premier League - Finished >

    2017-03-11 - glish FA Cup - Finished >

    2017-03-04 - Premier League - Finished >

    2017-02-25 - Premier League - Finished >

    2017-02-18 - glish FA Cup - Finished >

50/50 Prize Info:

The Prize Pot for this week’s 50/50 round is a total of €2500 €1000 – To be split equally between everyone getting 10 correct predictions. I.e with two winners, they will get €500 each. + €1500 – If you’re the only person to get 10 correct predictions, you will win the full main prize plus the €1500 Single Winner Jackpot. All the above prizes will be paid out in real money without any wagering requirements.

How to play 50/50:

Playing 50/50 is easy and only takes up a couple of minutes of your time by simply predicting “Yes” or “No” to the question “Will both teams score?” for 10 selected matches. Follow the below steps if you’re unsure and need help to submit your predictions for the first time. Step 1 – Select “Yes” or “No” for each of the 10 matches to continue. Step 2 – Review your selections and continue. Step 3 – Confirm Terms and Conditions and submit your predictions.

Terms and Conditions:

– To have the chance to win a cash prize from this promotion you have to place a qualifying bet. A qualifying bet: (1) Has a minimum stake of €5. (2) Has the odds of 1.80 or higher. (3) Is a pre-match, combo or single bet. (4) Includes selections from the 50/50 round only. (5) Is placed within 7 days before the deadline (CET). * If you fail to place a qualifying bet, you will not be eligible for any cash prize. Game rules – Tick “Yes” or “No” for each individual match to answer the question at the top of the page. – The question – i.e “Will both teams score” – applies for all matches in the round. – You can edit your 50/50 predictions. This can be done up until the round closes when the deadline is reached. – It will not be possible to submit any predictions after the deadline has passed. – If one game for any reason gets cancelled, a draw will be held with a total of 10 tickets to determine the result. The number of tickets for 1-Yes, 2-No depends on the latest pre-match odds on this game. For example, if the odds are 1.62|2.30 the number of tickets in such draw would become 7 tickets for 1-Yes and 3 tickets for 2-No. – If 3 or more matches get cancelled, the whole 50/50 round will be cancelled. General and Prizes – There is a maximum of one 50/50 submission allowed per customer. Multiple submissions will not be counted and will disqualify the customer from any cash prize. – Lower system bets and Asian handicap bets do not qualify for this promotion. – Winnings are awarded in cash to your ComeOn account the day after the last game of this round of 50/50 has ended. – Odds in the 50/50 round are updated every 10 minutes. – ComeOn reserves the right to alter, modify or terminate the Promotion and/or these Terms at any time, without notice where it is reasonable to do so or for reasons beyond the Promoter’s control. ComeOn does not accept any responsibility or liability for any late or undelivered entries or registrations, notifications or communications or for any form of technical failure, error, malfunction or difficultly or for any other event beyond its reasonable control that may cause the operation of the Promotion to be disrupted, unavailable or incorrect. – ComeOn Management’s decisions are final on all matters related to the Promotion or the awarding of prizes. Prizes: – For every round of 50/50 there’s a total of €2500 to be won. To win, you must have all 10 predictions correct. The prize pool is split as following: – Prize pool: Get 10 correct predictions, win a share of €1000 – Single winner’s jackpot: Get 10 correct predictions and be the only person to do that, and you will get an additional €1500.

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